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Dynamic Speed Balance is based on the same principle as the balanced wheels on your car. Unfortunately, car wheels require added lead weights to achieve perfect rotational wheel balance. In the quest to lighten bicycles, adding weights to achieve balance on bicycle wheels is unacceptable. So, we developed Dynamic Speed Balance (DSB), a unique bicycle wheel balance system that doesn’t require added weights or gadgets to achieve perfect rotational wheel balance. As an example, if a popular carbon wheel and tire weighs 1200 grams, the same wheel set manufactured with DSB technology will weigh the same— 1200 grams. In a roadside emergency, DSB wheels, tires, and tubes can be interchanged with standard wheels, tires and tubes, to get you back home. You only lose wheel balance performance.


The current industry view on wheel balance is that 50% of a bicycle is stationary/static, while the other 50% spins at a high speed. You would think those in charge of the 50% that spins would by now have developed wheel balance technology to make that 50% spin smoother, faster and with less effort. Instead, we at Dynamic Speed Balance have been met with resistance and denial by some of the brightest minds in the industry. Some say, “if wheel balance is so important how come no one’s done it?” Or, “No one has questioned it or asked for it, so why bother?” Our favorite – “Sure most wheels are slightly unbalanced, but once a rider gets on the bike, it all goes away”. We are talking about a hot bed of brilliant minds creating quotes like “INNOVATE OR …”.

Now let us take a close look at those in charge of manufacturing the 50% that spins – we are talking about the top tire, tube and rim/wheel manufacturers of the world. Their thinking is puzzling as they think their technology in materials and precise craftsmanship excludes them from wheel balance problems. But for some reason, even though their products often spin at speeds of over 80 kph, they’ve never given any thought to develop wheel balance technology. Exacerbating the problem is when the two so-called perfect tire and perfect rim are assembled together you end up with a lopsided unbalanced wheel that literally sends riders into death threatening High Speed Wobbles…! This is NOT the best that technology can do.


We at Dynamic Speed Balance knew from the start we were going to face a mountain of resistance, so we assembled a powerful R&D team from Washington State University, a NASA engineer, and myself with over 35 years of experience with manufactured bicycles. We employed state of the art technology – computers, accelerometers, and high speed cameras – to record and prove that bicycles equipped with DSB wheel balance technology not only make a major improvement on bike and rider performance, handling and comfort, but DSB raises the bar for safety to levels not seen since the invention of the modern diamond bike frame, nearly one hundred years ago.
Check out our DSB video below with data graphs that clearly demonstrate, that balanced wheels make a major difference. Also look at these other YouTube videos that clearly prove bicycles without wheel balance are a danger not only to the rider, but those around them.

Data windows located on the upper left corner of the video: This box contains two white windows with a blue line representing very important data. In the upper window you see the G-Forces: the blue line is jumping up and down with intensity indicating the unbalanced wheels are causing G-Forces ranging from 5 to 10 Gs! In other words your 1.13kg front wheel centrifugal weight is now 6.8kg at just six G-Forces. On the lower window you see the Oscillation Movement Pattern at the Axle: the blue line is indicating the pattern of forces put to the axle. This pattern of intense and powerful vibration is directly transferred to the tire contact patches causing the tire road contact patches to lessen and increase along the road like a ball being periodically squished, following the same pattern of the blue line. That same pattern of powerful vibration is also transferred directly to the rider’s bone joints causing fatigue. And for the first time in history we believe that we have recorded a unique pattern of vibration called “SYNCHRONIZED OSCILLATION” which looks like a DNA helix. This is where both front and rear wheel G-forces get in-sync, which is linked to High Speed Wobble. For details see below “CHAIN OF EVENTS”.

During the unbalanced wheel test trials, we also discovered and recorded new and disturbing evidence never seen by the bicycle industry. We decided to name and give terminology to some of the negative results we recorded that can be seen in this test data video, such as:

  • HIGH G’S


Here we explain the chain of events which can be started with just 6 grams of unbalanced wheel weight, which most bicycle, wheel and tire manufacturers consider insignificant and harmless.

  1. First we have what we have nicknamed the “CASCADE THEORY” where an innocent 6 grams of wheel out-of-balance becomes the initiator of more problems.
  2. The cascade begins by building G-Forces when the wheel starts to spin at around 10 ~ 30 kph.
  3. As the wheel picks up even more speed, 30 ~ 50 kph, the 6 grams start to invite the outer perimeter of the wheel to resonate in a simple oscillation motion.
  4. Now the wheel speeds up to 80kph. The entire wheel from the axle to the outer perimeter is oscillating and generating centrifugal forces (HIGH G’S) that could, for example, equal 7 kg in the front wheel and 10 kg in the rear wheel – imagine sledgehammers! Now that innocent 6 grams has started multiple problems cascading through the bike and the bike wheels.
  5. Then a cascade of really bad things starts to unfold. Enter a phenomena we call SYNCHRONIZED OSCILLATION where both sledgehammers temporarily swing in unison thus doubling the centrifugal force equal to 17kg. This causes the front & rear tire contact patches to bounce along the road like a ball, which causes the bike handling to become uncertain, giving the unsuspecting rider an unsafe ride at high speed.
  6. At that precise moment, another phenomenon occurs that we call SUDDEN MASS ENERGY RELEASE (SMER). This sudden release of massive energy causes bicycle wheels to warp.
  7. Then, yet another phenomenon occurs, called INDUCED YAW, where the front and rear wheels start to erratically change directions.
  8. All together these problems lead to the dreaded HIGH SPEED WOBBLE. Now the tiny 6 grams has caused and has become an out of control cascade of energy.

BEFORE VIDEO: Unbalanced Wheels From The Factory

As you can see in this video the shaking of the bicycle is so intense and violent not even seven adults in our staff could hold and stop the bike from shaking. This means that even if a 90kg rider mounts that bicycle, the shaking is so powerful that it can cause the tire contact patch to still bounce along the road like a ball. If you have a doubt, put a bike on a work stand, get 5 or 10 adults to hang on to the bike as you spin the rear wheel up to 80 kph+, and get all the adults to try to stop the shaking. You’ll find it’s impossible as the violent shaking goes through all the adults like Jello. This happens with just the rear wheel. Imagine the front wheel doing the same thing at the same time!

(NOTE: Be safe, make sure no one’s hands or loose clothing are near the spinning wheel.)


AFTER VIDEO: Balanced Wheels With DSB Technology

The difference is undeniable! Just look at the blue lines in the G-Force & Oscillation Pattern data windows, almost perfectly straight! Dynamic Speed Balance not only eliminates all the detrimental symptoms caused by unbalanced wheels, but raises the level of rolling efficiency, performance, handling and safety to new levels never thought possible by the industry. WHY? Because Dynamic Speed Balance is designed to work with Newton’s First Law “INERTIA”: A mass that is put in motion will continue in motion unless interrupted by an “oscillation” or an outside force. Dynamic Speed Balance makes sure the mass (the wheel), has no oscillation so it can continue to move smooth and fast without interruption.