Before DSB: Brand New Cervelo P5 from the Box, Spinning at 80kph

After DSB: Same Cervelo P5 with DSB™ Wheel Balance Technology, Spinning at 80kph

Dynamic Speed Balance™ rips the performance envelope wide open to unleash the optimum performance your bike has to offer. No other gadget, component, or technology can deliver the rolling efficiency, endurance, handling, and safety of Dynamic Speed Balance. World-class pros know that if you want to improve your bike’s performance, you start with your wheels and tires. Get the very best: ask for Dynamic Speed Balance.

Dynamic Speed Balance™ delivers hardcore performance.

Faster, smoother rolling efficiency

Prevents high-speed wobble

Solid high-speed tire/road contact

Reduced fatigue-causing vibrations

Precision high-speed handling

No added stick-on weights or gadgets